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Eric Denna

Vice President for IT and

Chief Information Officer

Eric is responsible for IT strategy, infrastructure, and services for Maryland's flagship campus in College Park through his leadership of DIT and participation in the president’s cabinet. He serves as Vice Chair of the Kuali Foundation, and he works with the CIOs of the CIC (Big Ten institutions) on using technology to transform learning and teaching.

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Alison Robinson

Associate Vice President and Deputy CIO

Enterprise Engineering, Business, and Strategy Services

Alison leads the business operations of DIT as well as its activities related to platform, data, and application administration; software engineering; infrastructure services engineering; university decision support; and infrastructure operations and field support.

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Marcio Oliveira

Assistant Vice President

Academic Technology and Innovation

Marcio leads UMD learning and research technologies managed by DIT, including instructional design, client support, service analytics, and customer outreach.


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Gerry Sneeringer

Director and Chief Information Security Officer

University IT Security

Gerry leads IT security activities, including incident management and response, compliance coordination, data administration, awareness and AUP enforcement, and security policy development.

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Tripti Sinha

Assistant Vice President and Chief Technology Officer,
Advanced Cyber Infrastructure Innovation Initiatives and Internet Global Services

Executive Director,
Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX)

Tripti leads Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX), a regional high-performance cyber platform that operates an all-optical, Layer 1 core network supporting high-bandwidth, high-performance data transfers and providing advanced network services to its participants.

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Joseph Drasin


University Process Innovation

Joseph leads the strategic effort to evaluate and improve UMD’s business processes and how they relate to the underpinning information technology with the goal of enhancing the experience of students, faculty, and staff.