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Academic Technology & Innovation

Systems & Services Report Spring 2024

Academic technology-related systems and services help to amplify innovative teaching, learning, and research practices at UMD. With over 150 metrics from 35 data sources, the current report provides a high-level overview of the implementation and uses of our campus's most impactful technologies.

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At DIT, we let students do the talking!

Our team member Blaize (‘25) took to the streets to listen to what students have to say about academic technology and services at UMD. How do students actually use these technologies for their studies? Play below to hear their insights and experiences!

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Click on the sections below to learn more about how DIT supports the teaching, learning, and research missions of the University of Maryland. 

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core academic technology tools

Core Academic Technology Tools

Learning Management System 



Online Meetings 



Online Video Lectures 


integrated academic tools

Integrated Technology Tools

Student Engagement 

PointSolutions, Piazza, VoiceThread



Gradescope, Turnitin






it services and support

IT Services and Support

IT Live Support 

Service Desk, Terrapin Tech


Classroom Technology Support


IT Self-Service 

DIT Knowledge Base and Media Studio

learning and collaboration

Learning and Collaboration

DIT Website




Teaching and Learning Transformation Center


IT Outreach

Outreach Activities and Trainings

network and infrastructure

Network and Infrastructure

WiFi Activity


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

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See how academic technology trends at UMD have evolved over time!

Spring 2024 Fast Facts

first takeaway



Campus WiFi is getting an upgrade.

This semester, we installed over 2,000 new access points and 120 miles of fiber cabling in 46 buildings, and that’s just the start. By the end of our WiFi refresh, we’ll have more than doubled the number of wireless access points on campus.

second takeaway



The UMD app can help organize your life.

Students make up 97% of 2.5 million views on the UMD app in Spring 2024. You can use the app to check your class schedule, find your class, check package pick-ups, or look at dining hours. You can even see which dining halls are the least busy!

first takeaway



Students appreciate a well-organized ELMS-Canvas page.

When we talked to students about the most useful academic technology at UMD, ELMS-Canvas was by far the most common answer. It’s no surprise, considering that 84% of students log into ELMS-Canvas every day. Students appreciate when instructors keep their course space updated with the latest assignments, due dates, and grades!

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Got a classroom technology issue? We're here to help!

AV systems are essential to teaching – about two in three class sessions use room PCs, connected laptops, or projectors. We know that technical issues cut into important class time, and that's why addressing classroom tech issues is a top priority. We are proud to report that we respond to urgent classroom technology issues in an average of 3 minutes and 45 seconds

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DIT provides fast and high-quality IT support.

DIT updated over 1,000 IT support articles in Spring 2024, and when the articles did not provide the information you were looking for, our knowledgeable staff in Terrapin Tech solved over 4,000 tech issues. If you want to connect to immediate IT support, call the DIT Service Desk, which will answer your call in under 30 seconds on average.

second takeaway



UMD's VPN can help you connect securely.

With over 3,500 VPN sessions on a typical day, UMD’s VPN provides a secure and encrypted connection when you are on or off campus. Remember to log in to VPN with your UMD credentials!


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The data for this report were collected, analyzed, and visualized by the Academic Technology Experience Reporting team:

Tiffany Pao, MEd | Research Analyst

Alia Lancaster, PhD | Reporting & Analytics Manager

Jonathan Engelberg, PhD | Research Analyst

Megan C. Masters, PhD | Academic Technology Experience Director

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