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DIT believes that technology has the power to transform academic and research practices. To support this vision, we continuously analyze how faculty, students, and staff are engaging with digital technology. DIT uses data from the systems it supports and from the students, faculty and staff we serve to inform everything from business decisions to training to strategic plans.

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Survey Says: UMD students measure success in many ways. While 1 in 5 UMD students define success by long-term goals, such as completing a degree to securing a job, 1 in 10 students also define their success by achieving personal growth, earning a high GPA, or gaining specific skills.
Survey Says: Students embrace the best of both worlds! 61% of students prefer face-to-face meetings to engage with other students for academic work, and 93% also use ELMS-Canvas course spaces to digitally access their course materials.
Use UMD apps to engage on the go! Did you know? UMD offers three apps that can help with your on-campus needs, including participating in class, receiving campus updates, and accessing ELMS-Canvas on the go! Download on your mobiel phone!
Students use ELMS-Canvas to prepare for finals. 76% of students usually log into LEMS-Canvas during Reading Day. That's over 30,000 students!

Data-Driven Highlights

Learn about some of our data-driven insights and projects.

Advancing Innovation with Technology Systems & Services Report

Each semester, the Academic Technology and Innovation team collects, analyzes and reports data on the usage and availability of technologies used for learning and teaching. Read the report to learn more about how students and instructors are coming to an equilibrium with respect to incorporating new pedagogical techniques (e.g., Zoom office hours) that best meet student needs!

Did you know that . . . 

Of students log into ELMS-Canvas on a typical day
Terps watch videos in Panopto on a typical day
Of Zoom meetings are one-on-one
Terps & Tech | 2022 UMD EDUCAUSE Survey results one-pager

Every year, the professional organization EDUCAUSE develops an international survey about the student experience with IT on higher education campuses. The Division of IT administers it on their behalf to UMD students (and faculty every other year) and are able to analyze the UMD data for general trends and areas in which to continue conversations with students. In 2022, we learned from the student respondents that:

  1. Students prefer face-to-face learning, and they leverage online resources to make the most of their in-person time.
  2. Access to online resources and academic technologies reduce stress.
  3. Students trust UMD with their data.

Read the one-pager to learn more!

Read the text-only versions of the Terps & Tech one-pager.

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