Process Information

Below is a sampling of documents to help you understand the processes and models we use in our process assessment work. We regularly create new documentation and also offer customized consultation by request. Feel free to contact us with questions or for help.


We have spoken and given presentations and various conferences on different process improvement topics.  While there is much more to these presentations when they are delivered, the slides can give you an idea of some of the topics we speak on.

Case Studies

These case studies summarize some of our projects and are used to highlight a project’s success or to bring attention to a particular challenge or difficulty in a project. These case studies were done after the project’s completion and were not created as part of the project documentation or recommendations. The projects and circumstances are real; however, some specifics of the systems and users have been generalized for publication.

Project Assessment Summaries

Process assessments are one-page summaries of the overall process that also consider the factors and the goals and constraints of the business process. These factors that dictate a process are known as enablers, and processes are constituted by six of them: Process Design, IT Systems, Motivation and Measurement, Human Resources and Organization, Policies and Rules, and Facilities. The examples below show how a single model, the process assessment, holds a majority of the information required to understand a process and is a great tool to show and organize collected data.

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