The Division of IT offers university process innovation services as a strategic effort under the VP/CIO. The efforts focus on the strategic business processes of the university and how they relate to the underpinning information technology. Discovering, evaluating, and improving processes and practices before technology decisions are made results in improved value delivery and a lower cost of implementation.

We offer consultation and facilitation services for academic and administrative units throughout the University of Maryland. Services include:

  • Identifying a project scope and timeline
  • Assessing and documenting current processes
  • Analyzing processes to identify potential areas for improvement
  • Workshop planning and facilitation
  • Concept and data modeling
  • Data analysis and needs assessment
  • Change management
  • Process improvement education
I began working with DIT's university process innovation team shortly after I arrived on campus. As a new AVP it was important to me to understand the current processes so that I could have a good idea of what needed to be improved. We have worked on two projects so far, and we have another one that we are just beginning. I have found this team to be very professional and detail oriented, and the work product has been a great value in helping me to make good strategic changes on our UHR process.
-Jewel Washington, Assistant Vice President of University Human Resources

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