Aaron Gorman (Chair)
Student Government Association

Jake Agunzo
Undergraduate Student

Tamara Allard
Graduate Student Government President

Ryan Moody
Undergraduate Student

Kislay Parashar
Student Body President

Daniel Smolyak
Graduate Student Government

Neil Vu
Student Government Association

Aiden Wechsler
Residence Hall Association

Nina Hamedani (Ex Officio)
Division of Information Technology

Marcio A. Oliveira (Ex Officio)
Division of Information Technology


The Student IT Advisory Committee (ITAC) provides recommendations to the Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer (VP/CIO) about student access to information technology. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  1. student mandatory technology fee rates,
  2. budget allocations, and
  3. projects that will provide enhancements to the campus-wide student technology environment.

The committee may also deal with appropriate academic matters as they are related to student technology fees.


Student IT Advisory