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Data Privacy Program

Privacy considerations arise any time UMD works with data on identifiable individuals. This includes academic, research, and administrative activities. The purpose of the Data Privacy Program is to ensure that the rights of data subjects are respected while also allowing UMD to make the best use of data to inform its decisions. We commit to compliance with local and regulatory requirements and University policies, standards, and guidelines.


The University of Maryland has a new data privacy policy to establish clear principles and expectations related to the appropriate use of university community members’ data: IT-15.00(A) University of Maryland Privacy Policy


The UMD Privacy Policy sets the principles by which we operate and the expectations our community members may have, but it does not provide specific guidance on how those principles will be upheld or how those expectations will be respected. To provide specific guidance that supplements the UMD Privacy Policy, the CIO or designee (generally the Privacy Office), in coordination with appropriate stakeholders and the University IT Council,  will issue, maintain, amend and rescind standards as required to comply with legal obligations and University policy, or to meet the needs of the university community.

The development of these standards will take place throughout the 2022 calendar year, though three interim standards have been issued to address critical university needs during the first round of development.

Interim standards:

Standards to be developed by June 30, 2022:

  • Third-Party Engagement Standard
  • Access to and Use of Specified Data Types

Standards open for community feedback:

  • After each standard is developed, it will be available in this list for community comment for 60 days. Feedback will be considered and incorporated as appropriate into the final draft of each standard, to be issued 30 days from the closure of the feedback period.

Final standards:

Once a standard has been finalized, it will appear here.


If you have any questions about the policy or its application, please contact the UMD Data Privacy Office at

Data Subject Access Requests

If you would like to exercise your rights to access, erasure, or correction, please fill out the required webform.

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