Administrative Systems Working Group


Ann Holmes (Chair)
Assistant Dean, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Alisa Abadinsky
Associate Comptroller, Division of Administration and Finance

Mark Arnold
Director, Division of Academic Affairs

Colleen Dove Auburger
Comptroller, Division of Administration and Finance

Steve Dowdy
Director, Division of Research

Michael Eismeier
Director, Division of Information Technology

Robert Infantino
Associate Dean, College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences

Anne Martens
Assistant Vice President and Chief of Staff, Division of Administration and Finance

Katherine Russell
Associate Dean, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Chuck Wilson
Associate Vice President, Office of Extended Studies

John Zacker
Assistant Vice President, Division of Student Affairs

Alison Robinson (Ex Officio)
Associate Vice President and Deputy CIO, Division of Information Technology


The purpose of the Administrative Systems Working Group (ASWG) is to advise the President's Cabinet on the​ ​vision, priorities, and pace of investments in administrative systems across the University of Maryland. By​ ​​administrative systems, we mean any systems that are not directly involved in the learning or research/creativity​ ​processes. This includes new systems, major modifications to existing administrative systems, and the​ ​purchase of administrative software across campus used to access or manage administrative data.


The ASWG goal will be to create a process for establishing its vision for administrative systems, priorities for​ ​investing in administrative systems, and the pace for utilizing the very limited resources (funding, people and​ ​time) devoted to system efforts. At the same time, the process must ensure that the university makes​ ​measurable progress in improving the security, stability, and modernity of its administrative systems that serve​ ​our students, faculty, and administrator​s.


UMD DIT Administrative Systems Working Group


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