WebEx is now the Web conferencing solution at UMD. On August 30, 2017, Adobe Connect goes completely offline.

Save your Adobe Connect recordings

Don’t let the transition take you by surprise. If you have video on Adobe Connect you would like to save, use our instructions to download your recordings to your computer and convert them into MP4 video files.

Prefer to see the steps in action? Watch Adobe’s video on converting your Adobe Connect recording to MP4.

Get started with WebEx

Now that you’ve saved your old recordings, it’s time to learn how to use Cisco’s highly versatile Web conferencing tool, WebEx.

WebEx is is composed of three main service lines (and one tool we like to think of as a main service, because it’s that good):

  • Meeting Center
  • Training Center
  • Event Center
  • Personal Room

The Meeting Center is designed to work best for departmental meetings, work sessions, and project/product coordination. It’s maximum capacity is 1,000 devices -- but as with all the centers, the capacity will increase or decrease based on how the host sets up the audio conferencing.

The Training Center is great for distance and online learning, online classrooms, and employee or customer training for up to 1,000 participants. It boasts a handful of features for training such as testing, instant grading, and instructor scoring and breakout sessions. Instructors can also monitor the attention of their students, while students still have the agency to raise their hands, ask for help, or even ask the host to go slower/speed up.

The Event Center is ideal for webinars, events and conferences, and employee communications. Invite panelists, answer questions, and send out a post-event survey. Its maximum capacity is 1,000 participants (including the host).

The Personal Room is not a main service, but rather a branch of the Meeting Center. Cisco says it best here: “Your WebEx Personal Room is your own virtual conference space. It's always available, you don’t need to book it, and you always know where to find it.” Unlike the other services, your Personal Room has a permanent URL and is lockable -- meaning, interested parties can’t get in until you let them in. It has the same device capacity as the Meeting Center (1,000 devices).

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Get the training you need

WebEx is a big product, and we understand that it can be overwhelming to learn so much in a short period of time. To help, DIT is offering in-person training on the basics of WebEx. Visit DIT’s training page to sign up for a training time that works for you, or create a support ticket with the Service Desk requesting training for your department.

If you need more on the WebEx ELMS integration, the Learning Technology Institute (LTI) has you covered. Check out the LTI training page for the next WebEx ELMS training, or reach out to Learning Technologies Training by phone at 301.405.8702 or email at ltdesign@umd.edu to schedule a consultation.

Published On: 
Thursday, July 13, 2017