Ana Palla-Kane (Chair)
Division of Information Technology

Stacey Brown
Academic Achievement Programs

Beth Douthirt Cohen
Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Joshua Harless
University Relations

Jo Ann Hutchinson
Counseling Center – Disability Support Service

Paul Jaeger
College of Information Studies

Susan Johnston
Division of Information Technology

Diane Krejsa
Office of General Counsel

Brian Kroutil
Division of Research

Mark S. Kuhn
Office of Undergraduate Studies

Deborah Mateik
Division of Information Technology

Eusebia Mont
Hearing and Speech Sciences

Dan Newsome
Counseling Center – Disability Support Service

Stephanie Payne-Roberts
Division of Student Affairs

Gabriel Unterman
University Relations


The University of Maryland is committed to strive toward the accessibility of its services and technical resources. The IT Accessibility committee advises and assists in the planning, development, and evaluation of all campus-wide technology IT accessibility solutions and services to iteratively evaluate IT resources and user experience related to accessibility on campus. The group also oversees the implementation of the university's 3-year IT Accessibility Plan, which establishes goals in five different areas:

  • Web Accessibility
  • Course (re)Design
  • Multimedia Development
  • eLearning Tools
  • Assistive/Adaptive Technology Tools

The IT Accessibility website includes a list of IT Accessibility services and resources for the Campus community to improve accessibility of web-based information.


IT Accessibility Network