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The Division of IT's Security and Policy group is responsible for the coordination of a variety of IT security related activities, including incident management and response, compliance coordination, data administration, awareness and AUP enforcement, security policy development, and more. Visit the links in the left menu to learn more.  

Current Security Threats Facing Campus

Phishing is an attempt made by an individual or group to obtain personal information from unsuspecting users by posing as a trusted organization or individual, such as technical support or one’s bank. Commonly, this is done through email messages that are specifically crafted to look similar to actual communications sent by the organization or individual, at times even using real company logos and information. Please forward any possible phishing email messages to You may also call the IT Help Desk at (301) 405-1500 to speak with a customer service agent about the issue. We  encourage you to visit our Phishing Attacks Page for more information.
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Test your knowledge on avoiding phishing attempts by playing Phishing Scams: Avoid the Bait from the US Federal Trade Commission. 
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For tips on basic security best practices, please view the video below.